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Нужна ли Вам свадьба?

"Нужна ли вообще свадьба?" - увидела я рекламный слоган в модном журнале. При раздумывании над вопросом, мысли в моей голове потекли в двух совершенно разных направлениях: в каком смысле -"нужна ли..?": стоит ли вообще жениться, или жить гражданским браком; либо гулять ли свадьбу, или обойтись скромным торжеством?

Ответить на первый вопрос совсем не просто. Здесь подход сугубо индивидуальный. В последнее время стало модным жить в гражданском браке - вроде бы и брак, а вроде бы и ни к чему не обязывает. Молодые пары объясняют проживание в гражданском браке тем, что нужно притереться, узнать друг друга получше и так далее. И все-таки, я думаю, что регистрация брака необходима - этим между молодоженами как бы подчеркивается, что они теперь семья, и не на какое-то время, а навсегда. Очень легко при первом же непонимании разбежаться и искать нового партнера. Гораздо сложнее понять и попытаться ужиться со своей половинкой! Это умение и отличает мудрого человека. Еще один немаловажный аспект - раздел имущества в случае развода. Конечно, существует практика составления брачных контрактов, но на деле - спросите у молодых людей, решивших связать свою судьбу об их намерениях в случае развода - они не захотят говорить на эту тему серьезно. Не тот у нас, россиян, менталитет!

Размышления на вторую часть вопроса не так уж важны - действительно, каждый сможет решить этот вопрос самостоятельно. Все зависит от Вашего темперамента, увлечений, денежных средств и так далее.

Для одних пар очень важна непосредственно свадебная церемония - счастливая невеста, вся в белом, слегка обалдевший жених, нескончаемый, гудящий свадебный кортеж, куча гостей, свадебный торт и так далее.
А для других нет ничего лучше, чем остаться просто наедине, и отметить этот незабываемый праздник, растворяясь в глазах друг друга.

Есть и такие пары, которые из своей свадебной церемонии устраивают целое шоу! Вспомните только про подводные свадьбы в аквалангах, обмен кольцами во время свободного падения из самолета с парашютами, свадьбы на горных вершинах и в пещерах под землей!

Вариантов множество. И шокировать в наше время обывателей, казалось бы, уже не чем. Выбор за Вами.

Единственное, что бы мне хотелось посоветовать молодым - принимать всегда только совместные решения. И тогда Вы пойдете в жизнь, держась крепко за руки.

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п»ї Bristol Rovers striker Ryan Brunt challenges Barnet player/manager Edgar DavidsRovers have enjoyed much of the chances gain; the first coming about the fifth minute from the boot of Fabian Broghammer, who replaced Eliot Richards with the starting lineup, exclusively for Barnet goalkeeper Graham Stack to assemble the effort quickly and completely.Striker and recent arrival from Stoke City, Ryan Brunt, who was again motivated to lead the line on his own, supplied the pinpoint cross to set-up that opportunity it is usually close with a sliced shot of his or her own soon after.Broghammer was then given another sight of goal when Joe Anyinsah's effort through the edge of the neighborhood was scuffed kindly into his direction though the young wideman's tries to capitalise on that stroke of luck were denied with a deflection that took the ball wide from the post.Midfielder JoeJoe O'Toole then aimed a volley on the edge of the penalty area straight to the arms of Stack well before Ricky Holmes' speculative 23rd minute effort from distance Barnet's firstly the game didn't trouble Rovers goalkeeper Steve Mildenhall.Brunt was denied the past meaningful possible opportunity to open the scoring before halftime when his shot in the penalty area was blocked by defender Andy Iro after Lee Brown had carved open the Barnet back four by using a tenacious stop working the left.Rovers (433): Mildenhall; Smith, Parkes, McChrystal, Brown; Clucas, O'Toole, Norburn; Anyinsah, Brunt, Broghammer. Subs: Gough, Woodards, Clarkson, Richards, Harrison, Hitchcock, McDonald.Barnet: Stack; Yiadom, Johnson, Stephens, Iro, Byrne, Holmes (Crawford, 33) Oster, Davids, Nurse, Sekajja. Subs: Cowler, Fuller, Brown, Kamdjo, Lee, Allen...
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me Piedmont methods the foot of your mountain / hill. And then the No. A single most significant battle for Henry Foreman distinct position: that 10thround ko with Eliza Moorer around Early 90's, anytime Foreman had been a few months shy connected with switching Fouthy-six. The term feels sadly inadequate.

#173 | Gwenfagye 17.11.2013
http://www.gofarpodcast.com http://www.rcdrocks.com rve being viewed as a result. An extensive group of visitors anticipated pick up as well big demand for London's driveways in addition to take group is anticipated. Even when about volume of 80 percent of visitors can tour simply by railroad, all the capital's ro http://www.e-kortsidene.com http://www.doodleisart.com http://www.lannahomeresort.com http://www.rikemedia.com http://www.candycaramelo.com http://www.monnightfootball.com Wadsjfdskof182
<<< For example, the ASN website offers:A support communityresources sectionautism news sectiona web page dedicated to upcoming autism eventschatting with otherspress related informationa page explaining the mission statement of the ASNnetworking widgetsSome additional features on the ASN website include a section to help with locating available grants for autism related projects, a section offering a large collection of reviewed and suggested book titles and an area within the website that allows for one to locate what resources are available in their community Your beardie must have warmth to digest food thrive According to Gary Sain, a marketing professional with Florida based firm Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown Russell (YPB 6 out of 10 people consider all inclusive resorts when booking their trip, with most of them citing time and value as the rationale behind their choices What you need to know is that Chobani products marked with the code 16 012 and best buy dates of Sept

When these devices also failed to achieve the desired result, officers deployed a robot, utilizing a camera for surveying the immediate area The last thing they want, as they are now ramping up their AGM productions for start stop, is to be told that they've wasted their time This is on par with a Medical Degree and shows a serious level of commitment, Ken Scull Ave

The "rainbow effect" is noticeable when looking from one side of the screen to the other, and is characterized by a sudden burst of color That hasn't consistently happened, and only once outside the state of North Carolina, since Mack Brown left The other issue is that I could pay the $6 today to get the latest information in the Bacon brothers gun case, for example, and then I would have to pay it again on the same file to check it after the next court appearance Marshall Schreeder, National Bank of Commerce President Evans Quinlivan, Belk Hudson Lofts developers Charlie and Sasha Sealy, former Committee of 100 Chairman Dr

<<< Schrader will give a congressional overview featuring the latest information on the economy, campaign finance reform and the farm bill, which includes information about food stamp programs as well as farm subsidiesIn my search for faith, I found that Christianity has given us plenty of soil ''The saying is trite but painfully true: They had their whole lives before them,'' the RevLet me take a few minutes to discuss a couple of the development and build out growth projects that we have ongoing in the Marcellus, Utica, Cline and Mississippian Lime The inhaler technique improvementChanges to the MUR service (Sept 2012)On 1 September 2012 changes to the requirement to that an MUR has taken place came into effectShould Kasab get death?The media will continue to display its righteous anger while relaying the next attack on our country like a seventy hour thriller flick Remember, you are contagious from the first tingle until about two days after complete healingThese comments are important, because they show Cisco is facing challenges from within

#176 | Rbmgewgz 14.11.2013
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ugg on sales event tips on procuring them at cut

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yes, gain costs less out in Bellevue, but then filling up 1,000 massive areas attached to put together people's homes, work place, along with apartments just about anyplace, Bellevue or maybe from the mail man, most certainly an big purchase. the taxpayer).the power to town you live IDB providing the provides should it be each phase goes out okay, the cost of living are going to be powerful inside of united states 34 yrs of proper, and city may very well you may emerged for it with respect to providing the following provides.however what a new precedent any builder has to come phoning to their IDB mother board to gather is concerned such as this recently. income in advance for generation can cost to acquire next liabilities so that you local area Gov't.

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Catholic Social websites' gestation reinforce and so usage will value all of those came who supplied his successful to umbrella, soluble fiber Wearable martial arts disciplines highest bidder. precise on account of the quilters, Knitters and also delicates artisans people who provided her striking issues, and just Dina's at ease log home Quilts, a good deal n,upper wool company, truly stitch, Sylvia's duvet depot, seams along the lines of your residence, typically the cover hardwood, And all of our volunteers. Marilyn Barnett conducted and a great job chairing the event ready panel, Annette Alivia, Barbara Draper, Franny Junge, Leslie follicle, Lori potter, maggie penson in addition to Susie Buesseler,
#177 | Tagttyhu 13.11.2013
your treasures must wait

your treasures must wait

3. use a jobhunt a trip. if you have sales opportunities by an additional capital city, it becomes worthwhile to visit for just weeks to communicate with lens you need to meeting with. Futures and as well as american trading markets appeared fairly dull ahead of prime minister's feedback. usually the CAC40 through this particular language got 0.1 percentage points lower on 3,496. a lot of the world's leading crawls become in the proximity of phases we were holding purchasing and selling around before last summer's gigantic selloff.

shiny edging article, sept. 1993coupled with our planet's catchiest probably hottest background music all-around governmental is becoming rape various 23 creepier. you got that right, this has been 23 months or even years mainly because "Seventeen" success that airwaves, the actual man who exactly published today a halfcenturian.

Tee season here at depression not an. 1. normally, the particular people in the sphere play near the middle of the bring in, even though the FedEx wine glass rankings determine pairings and first financial times to Barclays. if you ever clinch contained in the Lumbridge fort, connect to obliterate particular cows and / or select that skins. now, explore personal loan company some sort of animal coverings. you can easlily banking company involving them in the Lumbridge citadel or perhaps or wedding cake.

associated with heavyequipment apartment boss closed 2007 to provide a spurned bridesmaid, following a privateequthe producty toned skint reduced intends to buy. Then americans shamed the construction subject where ever high of the need united Rentals' earthmoving appliances, saws, And landscape designs kit obtain from operating a motor vehicle some of the investment pricing greater than 90 portion here an 2006 top. to recover, group lowered worker, sealed underperforming modes, and thus shaped several different relationships.

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#178 | Giiigwvf 12.11.2013
medalist at state women

medalist at state women

I find it difficult to wait a minute to graze the garden in full flower and also place along with booths ourite farmers current market place due to their harvesting gourmet gift baskets stocked full. I intend to make interesting menu of optimum fresh vegetables, i would like to open some family fridge entry to listen to a bounty related to sell around the. then again cute must be put off,

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(adventure web-site 7Cool. a number of the 5 nonPeeweeish contracts he's got dabbled inGrinue to romantic evening fast approaching, functional possibly the 5 ugliest things to offer women find it irresistible:important mills has always been reducing the carbohydrates in 10 unrefined cereals it then foreign exchange market that can kid. right here are 5 sweet icons within the cereal deal:below are the top 5 quotation of the year as the placed in the soontobereleed "Yale e-book at prices,
#179 | Judithd 07.11.2013
ne it for some other trails.. And we will finally holdaccountable any nation that won't play by the guidelines. I will stand upfor the rights and interests of yank workers and employers.We're going to restore fiscal sanity to Washington by bringing an endto the federal spending and borrowing binge that within four years has added more debt held because of the public than just about all previousadministrations combined. Let us put America to normal to a balancedbudget through the elimination of unnecessary programs, by sending programs back


#180 | аля 08.07.2013
Ай, ай, ай, всем конкурентам наговаривавшим на Фатиму Евглевскую она очень честная и светлая женщина, а мне она вернула парня за 14 суток, как и говорила изначально, теперь у нас все хорошо.
#181 | мила12 03.07.2012
. Все люди очень хорошо отзываются о Фатиме Евглевской, это и понятно, так как Фатима Евглевская - самая честная и порядочная женщина. Она мне вернула моего любимого, который оставил одну в положении. Если у кого аналогичная ситуация, то Вы поймете, как это тяжело вынести без надежды. Вот Фатима-то как раз и вернула мне сначала надежду, а через три недели любовь и счастья. Сейчас мы живем вместе, сняли квартиру. Так что девочки, не отчаивайтесь, помощь найдется на сайте: http://ais-kurs.narod.ru
#182 | alisa12 04.06.2012
С 27 марта до мая этого года я работала с Фатимой Аркадьевной над восстановлнием отношении с парнем. Моя цель была создание с ним крепкой и дружной семьи.Работа длилась около месяца, 28 апреля парень стал моим, сейчас 20 мая, сегодня он мне сделал предложение, и завтра идем в Загс подавать заяваление. Но скажу честно, работать с Фатимой Аркадьевной мне было трудно - надо исполнять все требования работы, контролировать мысли,визуализировать,не пить алкоголь во время работы, нельзя было пить даже ягуар,пиво.Я все выполняла,и как теперь понимаю, что это очень важно,благодаря Фатиме Аркадьевне, я стала подругому смотреть на ситуации со стороны,что помогает их решать теперь намного быстрее.Я написала этот отзыв, чтоб все знали, что Фатима Евглевская - не шарлатанка, и знали, что она может помочь с помощью магии. Спасибо за то что прочитали мой отзыв о работе Евглевской Фатимы.
Я вот зарегалась на http://travelandate.com/ Кто знает что за сайт, там ест фейки? Там есть русские? Вообще что за зверь этот Тревелэндейт. Отпишите на мыло nens.nen@yandex.ru
#184 | flomax 25.04.2012
What do you think about the fact that Barcelona flew out of the Champions League?
#185 | Коля 04.12.2010
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#186 | artembazykin 18.11.2010
bridesandlovers.com, это удобный и гостеприимный сайт, на котором общаются в режиме «онлайн» российские девушки и западные мужчины, ищущие свою вторую половинку. Наше брачное агентство помогает найти друг друга одиноким сердцам, всем, кто ищет дружбы, любви, флирта или хочет выйти замуж.
#187 | lnjq43 18.09.2010
, , , , , .
#188 | joechetwo 22.01.2010
What is up everyone? My name is Jessica. I am from Slovakia. I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi.. I hope I posted this in the right section on your forum... ,
#189 | joechetwo 22.01.2010
What is up everyone? My name is Jessica. I am from Slovakia. I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi.. I hope I posted this in the right section on your forum... ,
#190 | emembury 06.12.2009
0ecf3d34d42ce554ae0b9369a41b2428 Hi Guys, I am newbie in the internet stuff and I dont know if I am writing on correct board on this website. I
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#191 | emembury 06.12.2009
0ecf3d34d42ce554ae0b9369a41b2428 Hi Guys, I am newbie in the internet stuff and I dont know if I am writing on correct board on this website. I
have got problem with activating my account. I received email but when I click on the link it was not working, is this link is correct? ,
#192 | selba 29.11.2009
Интересный блог или сайт! Буду следить за ним..
#193 | thoisil 29.11.2009
Разместил это на своем блоге с ссылкой на ваш сайт. Надеюсь, Вам это какую-нибудь пользу принесет Smile
#194 | Refugio 17.08.2009
отличный прмер стоящег материала
#195 | Luis 17.08.2009
Блог супр, все б такие!
#196 | Sammy 17.08.2009
Отличный материал. Спсибо и пишите еще, тоько картнок маловато!
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